Comparative Literature and Communications

English courses are designed from one term to the next on the basis of current enrollment, student needs, and student feedback. The list below represents a typical cross-section of course offerings over the course of a full school year (two terms and optional third summer term).

  • Grammar and Composition. Instruction in expository writing in conjunction with grammar lessons selected to address areas of deficiency. Topics and readings vary from semester to semester
  • College Preparatory English. Writing-intensive introduction to the study of literature. Highly recommended for students who need to continue honing of their witing skills. Topics and readings vary from semester to semester
  • English as a Second Language
  • College Preparatory Themed Courses (such as Existentialism in Literature and Film; Media Studies; or Shakespeare Studies)
  • World Literature (including Hispanic Literature, French Literature, Semitic Comparative Literature–Hebraic and Arabic texts–and African Literature)
  • Literature of Diverse Voices and Genres (including Women Writer, Minority Voices, Images of Dystopia and Identity in Science Fiction; Lyric Verse; 20th-Century Voices in Poetry: From Pound to Pearl Jam; Post World War II American Novel)
  • Survey of English Literature. Historical survey of literature in English from Chaucer through the 20th century
  • Literary Eras. Investigations of literature by periods of time, including ancient literature, medieval literature, renaissance literature, early modern literature (17yj-18th centuries),19th century, 20th century, and contemporary literature