Courses are organized into three tiers:

    1. Core skills and knowledge courses: designed to fulfill requirements in each subject area for graduation from Emerson (including math, English Composition, 2 units of foreign language, English and American literature, U.S. History, U.S. Government, and a minimum of 3 units of science, including 2 labs);


    1. College preparatory courses: designed to fully satisfy college entrance requirements and empower students for future academic success (including literature, foreign languages, social studies, sciences, and advanced or special topics in math);


  1. College-level elective courses: designed around student interest and teacher expertise, an entirely optional, widely varying group of intellectually stimulating and challenging courses, usually in seminar or individual format. We make every attempt to tailor those courses to the particular attendees of our school and often accommodate student suggestions for future elective courses.


Graduation Requirements

Minimum of 24 units of credit for graduation (20 of 24 core academic subjects & 4 electives in any subject).

English 5 credits
Mathematics 4 credits*
Social Studies 4 credits
(U.S. History & American Government are required)
Science 4 credits
(A minimum of 2 laboratory sciences is required)
Languages 3 credits
Community Service/Internship A student may earn 1 unit of credit for 100 + hours of community service or internship experience