Code of Conduct

Emerson Preparatory School strives to be an institution in which each student’s dedication to learning, pride in Emerson as an institution, and fundamental respect for all members of the school community, serve as a sufficient guide for individual conduct. Students are expected to refrain from any behavior or action that negatively impacts:

  1. the learning experience of other students,
  2. the effectiveness of faculty members, or
  3. the public image of the school.

The few rules outlined below help ensure that Emerson remains a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for everyone.


As ambassadors of the school to the larger community, students are expected to look presentable. Please do not wear articles of clothing which are excessively ripped, provocative, or which contain offensive, profane, or inappropriate designs or slogans. Footwear must be worn at all times.


Students are expected to avoid using language which may be perceived as obscene, profane, offensive, aggressive, or intolerant, in class, on school grounds, or during school field trips.


Make sure all trash is disposed of properly. Please recycle any paper, plastic, and aluminum cans by placing them in appropriate recycling bins provided throughout the school.

Food and Drink:

Please do not eat at the computers. Students are also asked not to bring food or drink into the classrooms during class time.


Students are expected to be in the classroom when the bell signals the start of class time. They should arrive with all required materials, ready to begin. Students who establish a pattern of lateness in any class run the risk of being involuntarily withdrawn from that class.


Students who establish a pattern of unexcused absences in any class run the risk of being involuntarily withdrawn from that class. The school also reserves the right to withhold credit from students who miss significant numbers of class meetings, even if for legitimate reasons.


All cell phones are expected to be off and out of reach at all times during class. Phones should not ring, be answered, or even checked during class. Text messaging during class time is strictly prohibited. If a student uses a cellular device during class time, the device may be confiscated by the instructor for the remainder of the class period.

Other Electronic Devices:

Use of electronic devices in the classroom for purposes unrelated to instruction or the completion of schoolwork, such as video games, is distracting and discourteous. These devices should be stowed in lockers and should only be used outside of school hours or during lunch.

Computer Use:

To the largest extent possible computer use should be restricted to intellectual endeavors.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere near the school grounds or within sight of the school, including the entire block of 18th Street and the vicinity of the SEIU building.

Theft, Vandalism, Drugs/Alcohol, and Weapons:

Instances of theft or vandalism are sufficient grounds for immediate expulsion. Bringing drugs/alcohol, weapons, or any other dangerous items to school is also sufficient grounds for immediate expulsion.