John Glick Memorial Fund


Emerson Preparatory School is honored to announce the creation of the John Glick Memorial Fund.  John Glick, our previous Head of School, and a Board Member until the time of his passing, was a treasured and charismatic member of the Emerson Community for over 20 years.  “He was my dearest friend and the void he has left is enormous,”  wrote Board Member, Mark Grovic; “I pray that we can come together in the spirit of love that emanated from John’s soul and move forward in a way that honors the quality of his spirit.”  John was only 50 years old at the time of his passing in late September, of a sudden heart attack. His family asks that, in lieu of flowers, those who have been touched by John might donate to the Memorial Fund. 


“John’s commitment to Emerson was just endlessly enthusiastic and optimistic, says current Head, Jon Shickler. “Even in difficult times–and perhaps especially in those times–he unflaggingly believed in our students,our staff, and everyone he knew. He was funny, creative, and always pulsing with a new idea or a passion to share. I am grateful to have called him a mentor and my friend.”

The John Glick Memorial Fund is created to honor John’s profound commitment to the mission of Emerson Prep, and most of all, to its people.  It will be used to support his shared vision of a community of bright students who can thrive in a unique, inclusive, and intellectually curious school like Emerson, the place he made his life’s work as teacher, college counselor, Dean of Students, Associate Director, Head of School and Member of the Board of Directors.  The school will set these funds aside and discuss further with John’s family, when they are ready, how best to use these donations in conjunction with the family’s gift, and donations to the Fund from members of Emerson’s Board, in a way that best honors John’s dedication and legacy.

Tax-deductible donations to the John Glick Memorial Fund can be made online:


Donations may also be made via check to “Emerson Preparatory School” (please write “John Glick Memorial Fund” in the memo line), mailing to: 

Emerson Preparatory School

1816 12th Street, NW

Fourth Floor

Washington, DC 20009