Acting with Alan Wade

imag0403 alan-wade-at-emerson-preparatory-school

Guest speaker Mr. Alan Wade, who is an actor and director, interacts with Emerson students in Mr. Bigger’s creative writing class, One Act Plays.   Mr. Wade is a professor at George Washington University and teaches “Introduction to Acting” and several scene study courses including contemporary and classical text. He is the immediate past director of Columbian College’s signature program The Dean’s Scholars in Shakespeare, a former department chair, and a former co-director of The University Teaching Center.

Emerson Artists “in the Making”

How Brains Process Pain!



Ms. Ward’s Western/Non-Western Medicine class looking at how brains process pain!  She says it is nice and squishy

Congratulations, Emerson Class of 2016!

Faculty, staff and students want to congratulate the 27 seniors who graduated Emerson on Sunday, May 29th, 2016. Go out into the world and make it better!


Emerson Commencement 2015

On the evening of June 2nd, the Emerson community came together to celebrate the graduation of 10 Emerson seniors. Led by Valedictorian Sarah McKinley and Salutatorian Harani Bekele, the Emerson seniors were promoted to the next level of their education journey with a commencement address delivered by Andy Shallal.

Enjoy some photos of the event below!

Emerson Arts Salon

The first ever Emerson Arts Salon brought together varied Art and meaningful Poetry by the students of Emerson.

The first ever Arts Salon sprouted from the brain of Ms. Early and with the assistance of her students and those of Mr. Brown, the salon came together with great success. Supported (as always) by the main office as well as by poetry from the other literature courses, the salon opened to the public on May 5th and truly made the Great Room, well, great!

The event was so much fun that we are already thinking about when we can do it again! Please enjoy some photos of the event.

Academy Awards 2015

Image courtesy of Slate

Graham Moore, courtesy: Slate

At the 82nd annual academy awards, Graham Moore gave an impassioned speech while accepting his Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Mr. Moore’s speech was about growing up different, and the struggle that encompasses being the “other” in mainstream environments. His crusade is one that we have championed here at Emerson: finding the place where you fit in.

It’s not about changing who you are to make the you fit into the world; it’s about letting the world see you for who you are and all you have to offer as the unique, strange, or weird individual you are.

At Emerson, we want all our students to know that being weird or being different is an asset and not a liability. So, as the Oscar-winning writer puts it, “Stay weird; stay different.”

We want Emerson to be the place where you feel like you belong.

–John Glick, March 2015

Special Trip to the Library of Congress

Special Trip to the Library of Congress

February 2015
"To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour."
~William Blake

Mr. Shickler’s Romanticism and Modernism Literature class was able to take a special field trip to the Library of Congress on 5 February. In the Rare Books room at the LOC, the students were hosted by Mark G. Dimunation (Chief of the Rare Book Division) and allowed to see three illuminated manuscripts hand-etched and hand-painted by 18th century poet and artist William Blake — one of which is the only known copy in the world!

Mr. Dimunation was very impressed with the depth of the course and personally invited the students back should they like to do further or similar research at the Library of Congress. Go Emerson!

Here are the manuscripts that the students were allowed to enjoy:

  • Songs of Innocence and Experience
  • The Book of Urizen
  • America: A Prophecy