“Emerson is the high school I wish I’d gone to.” 

That’s what more than one Emerson parent has told us. We take pride in creating meaningful learning experiences and lasting relationships with our students and families. Our teachers feel it, too: As a faculty member said to me the other day, “I can’t think of many jobs in my life in which I’ve looked forward to each day the way I look forward to coming to Emerson.” I personally have to agree.

I invite you to join in supporting a school that has upheld a longstanding tradition of intellectual exploration and respect for the individual student, often through hard financial times.  There are many ways to support Emerson; here are just a few:

Cash Donations

  • Make a secure, direct, tax-deductible  Donation  online:
  • Send your contribution to the school at:
    1816 12th Street NW, 4th Floor Washington, DC 20009
    Attention: Support.

In-kind Donations

  • Contribute your skills, services, or items to the school. Contact Forrest Malone if you have an idea.
  • Serve on the Parents Association or on a Board committee. Contact me at to get started.

Support our Stores

Spread the word about Emerson

  • Talk up the school and send your testimonial to Forrest Malone. We are stepping up our efforts to reach out and let families know how great we are.
  • Create an Alumni group, join one, or send us an email if you want to be part of the Alumni Network.

Or surprise us! What would YOU like to do for the school?

In closing, I’d like to say a special thanks to our terrific faculty and families.


Jon Shickler
Head of School