Tuition and Fees 2017-2018


Base Tuition 

Full Time (3 or 4 subjects) $ 29,000.00 per year
Part Time (1 or 2 subjects) $ 24,000.00 per year


Incidental Fees 

Application Fee  $  75.00
Graduation Fee  $ 350.00
Transcript Fee (per copy)  $  20.00
Private Tutoring (per hour)  $  65.00
 3-day After School Study Hall (per semester)  $ 500.00


Part time study is only available under special circumstances. Most students, including students who have satisfied the minimum graduation requirements, are expected to attend full time.

With the exception of students who are enrolled in an approved monthly or quarterly payment plan, most student pay tuition and any applicable fees in two separate payments.  The first payment s due before the start of the fall semester. The second payment is due before the spring term commences.

Students who either start mid-year  and are enrolled for a single semester or students who graduate mid-year and are enrolled for a single semester pay for a single semester rather than a year.

To order transcript, please send email to Registrar at with a written request after paying Fee Here