Your Future Begins at Emerson Prep

We educate extraordinary students extraordinary


At Emerson, your individuality is what makes us special. It’s a place where your voice is part of our values.  Where your questions will lead you to answers, and bolder, better questions. Where what you think means more than what you memorize. A place of unique personalities and no social cliques. Where classes are small, possibilities countless. Study Arabic. Start your own business. Learn to write sonnets. Build a competitive robot. Help craft a brand new course.  At Emerson, we can hear you. So what do you have to say… for yourself?

To preserve its close-knit, collegial atmosphere, Emerson typically enrolls fewer than 50 students and maintains a student-to-faculty classroom ratio of 7:1.  Our small size helps students feel a vital part of a welcoming, long-standing, and widely diverse community.  Emerson’s faculty members are gifted discussion leaders and personable mentors.  They design courses and select texts, often drawing from their own specialized interests and passions within their field, offering courses and exploring ideas not often found at the secondary level.